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My Philosophy: to live with integrity, be loyal and generous.

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My name is Elizabeth Adelodun, fondly known as Dr Beth – I’m a Neuroscientist, Founder of MindTorch and Host of ‘Behind the Science with Dr Beth’– a digital video series where I interview Scientists - people at the forefront of the search to understand how our world works.

My journey so far incorporates my mission: to learn, inform, inspire and develop young minds. I achieved a PhD in Neuroscience (King’s College London) because I am curious about how the brain works, and I want to contribute to our efforts to beat memory loss that happens in many neurodegenerative diseases like Dementias. 

After my PhD, I dived straight into the ‘real world’; and with the support of 5 Mentors (formal and informal) whom after showing me the ‘ropes’ – inspiration struck! 

I founded MindTorch to ‘pay it forward’ and inspire the next generation; by providing tools that empower students to bridge the gap between education and employment. 

Ultimately, I’ve created an unconventional career that combines my knowledge, strengths, interests and personality to positively impact our world.

3 things I cannot live without

Be surrounded by people.


An uncluttered house.


Books. Lots of books!



The most common questions I've been asked since the birth of Dr. Beth Birth. If you have a specific question, drop me a line.

+What skill training and resources are included in the workshops?

Workshops include a 20 page handout for each participant including MindTorch’s employability toolkit for success.

+How does the coaching work?

An initial assessment and consultation is arranged to understand the client’s needs including terms and conditions. Thereafter, goals and timelines will be agreed.

+How can I get over my fear of public speaking

By identifying essential public speaking rules, crafting a compelling throughline and using the specific tools that will help you develop, design and deliver your talk, to inspire action and make an impact.

+Who can attend the workshops?

We have tailored workshops for:

• Pupils from years 9, 10 & 11
• College students
• Undergraduate students
• Graduate students (Masters and PhD)
• Post docs in all fields

+How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the scope of work that is defined and agreed between both parties.

+How it all started?

As a scientist, I went from ‘happy feet’ to ‘curious feet’. I was unable to resist the pull to leave the ‘science zone’, to try new things and conquer new paths. At this point, everything I knew got turned upside down. Nevertheless, in the words of Phil Knight, Founder of Nike, “when all else fails, go back to what you know”.

I know that:

• I am curious about people
• I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge
• My mission is to develop young minds

When you combine the above – you get MindTorch and ‘Behind the Science with Dr Beth’

+Will there be opportunity to chat to your guests after my talk?

Yes, I will make every effort to stay afterwards for networking so that your guests can ask questions.

+How many people can attend each session?

This depends on the Client’s requirements. However, for undergraduate and post graduate students, the session works best with between 50 - 100 students.

Working with Dr. Beth

services tailored to your specific needs


Speaking – events, schools, colleges, universities

Since completing my studies, I’ve spoken with school pupils, undergraduate, graduate & post graduate students with the aim of inspiring the next generation of scientists and prepare them their next career steps. Depending on their career stage, 

I cover a wide range of topics including: 

• what scientists do
• why and how to be a Scientist
• what opportunities are available once you become a Scientist
• how Scientists can put their science to ‘work’ and play up to their strengths
• how to go from ‘Lab coats’ to ‘Suits’ – musings from a Scientist turned Business owner
• how to build a successful unconventional career

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Inspiring, effective and engaging is how I would describe Dr. Elizabeth Adelodun's workshop on pursuing unconventional STEM careers at the Shadow A Scientist's Autumn 2016 session. As Elizabeth eloquently summarised "Curiosity never killed the cat; it only made it wiser and stronger". It helped our pupils think out-of-the-box and view STEM careers in a different light.

- Ms Sweta Raghavan , Biophysicist, 

CEO Scientist & Co.



My workshops offer a practical overview for career planning where I share dynamic tools and insight for job hunting based on the perspective of a young scientist.

Young scientists find it challenging to translate their academic knowledge into employment because they find the job market confusing and frustrating. 

Some believe that a science degree has led them to a dead-end. Consequently, many young scientists are considering careers in conventional and unconventional fields.

However, they feel unprepared and uninformed about their options and how to use their diverse scientific/non-scientific skills that employers (within and outside science) are looking for. 


I cover specific topics that young scientists can use to expand their thinking, strengthen their skills and present themselves in a positive light to employers especially the specifics of creative CV writing, Cover letters, informational interviews, interview skills and building a network that ‘works’. In addition, each topic explores the opportunities and challenges many scientists face. 

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One to one coaching for public speaking; group mentoring, career planning and self-development.

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Dr Beth is a creative thinker and strategist and I’m impressed with her character and integrity. Elizabeth spoke at the Social Entrepreneurship in Education Festival where she passionately shared her experience on ‘how to turn setbacks into set ups’ on your journey to success. As a Speaker, she has a gift for inspiring her audiences with her stories; especially how she left her comfort zone as a Scientist, to set up MindTorch and accomplish extraordinary results. This is a timeless message, suitable for all audiences, and it is presented masterfully by Elizabeth. Her presentation to the 120 delegates was enthusiastically accepted! 

- Ana Bakshi, Head of Student Entrepreneurship, 

King’s College London


Public Speaking

A carefully created talk is vital to sharing knowledge, rousing enthusiasm and inspiring action. 

 Having spoken at national and international conferences within and outside Academia, and sat through over 2 000 amazing talks, I commend that good communication essential in every field. 

As a Scientist, I believe science is not complete until it is communicated; and the science of public speaking can be learnt.

 In my public speaking program, you’ll learn what it takes to be a confident speaker to share knowledge, raise your profile, inspire action and leave a memorable impression.

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What you will get

• Worksheets and exercises to help you design, develop and deliver your talk

• Learn how to create a compelling story that will captivate your audience

• Decipher the different ways to build your talk 

• Learn the best ways to start (and finish) your talk and leave a lasting impression

With these tested techniques, and one-on-one support you’ll be an expert in no time!

Who is this for?

Anyone who is looking to become a more confident public speaker capable of sharing knowledge, rousing enthusiasm and inspiring action.

Behind the Science

with Dr. Beth

‘Behind the Science’ is a witty mix of science, personality, interests, habits and advice from Scientists, Doctors, Pharmaceutical experts, Scientists turned Entrepreneurs, Science communicators and more….in conversation with Dr Beth.

After completing my PhD in Neuroscience, my curiosity expanded to people and why they do what they do. Moreover, I’m always a student - captivated by people stories, and always looking to pick up lessons from their unique experiences and journeys that I (and many others) can use in our own life/career. 

My earliest memory is of a gift my eldest brother, Dayo gave me, a book, ‘the chatterbox’. He must have been trying to tell me something that has now resonated with my calling. 

 “Stop asking me too many questions, go and become a journalist”
– Brother, Niyi 

"There is much to be learnt from the things that have influenced and motivated others is science and academia. Elizabeth has drawn her discussants out very effectively in these interviews and I commend them to everyone interested in universities and in science"
– Prof Edward Byrne, Principal and President, King's College London.

 “There is power in understanding the journey of others to create your own”
– Kobe Bryant, Greatest NBA Basketball player of all time.

In these candid conversations, you will hear about:

  • What it takes for Scientists to stay at the cutting edge of science
  • How they landed the best career in the world – being a scientist
  • What they do to ‘create’ new opportunities for themselves
  • How renowned Scientists overcome setbacks and stay motivated to achieve great results
  • What innovations to watch out for in the near future
  • And much more! 

Benefit from the nuggets of wisdom on weekly basis on MindTorch’s YouTube channel.

Week one

Prof. Edward Byrne

Principal and President Kings College - London Neurologist, Poet, Neuroscientist.

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Week two

Dr. Sandrine Thuret

Head of the Neurogenesis & Mental Health Laboratory.
TED Global Speaker.

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Week 3

Dr. Ambily Banerjee

Director Therapeutic Group Global Regulatory Affairs R&D GSK.

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Week four

Prof. Simon Lovestone

Professor of Translational Neuroscience at University of Oxford.

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Week five

Dr. Shini Somara

Engineering Expert, TV reporter, Commentator, Host

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Week six

Prof. Roger Morris


Former Head of School Biological and Medical Sciences at King's College.

coming soon

Week seven

Prof. John Hardy


PhD, FMedSci, FRS. First UK Scientists to win 3 million dollars Breakthrough prize.

coming soon

Week eight

Dr. Karen Anthony


Lecturer in Molecular Bioscience.

coming soon

Week nine

Dr. Robin Knight


Co-founder, Director at Catalysing University-Industry Collaboration

coming soon

Week ten

Prof. Elizabeth Tunbridge


Associate Professor,
Royal Society Research Fellow.

coming soon

Week eleven

Dr. Selina Wray


Alzheimer's Research Trust Research Fellow. 2014 RED woman of the year.

coming soon

Week twelve

Dr. Beth


Season One Finale.

coming soon

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